Water Splashing Photography Tutorial Part 2

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If you enjoyed the splashing shots, here's some of the setup shots from the shoot and a little writeup one how to get some amazing shots like these yourself!

There's 2 cameras that we're shooting with... 1 is hooked up with a wireless flash which is placed behind the cup, underneath the yellow/red background that we are using.
The second camera is attached to a strobe with a sync cord, and that flash is used to trigger the 2nd flash which is sitting under the background as well. That's to try out how it looks like with the foreground lit up as well..
Played around with shutter/iso and fstops to see which ones we liked best, so its a wide variety.. I'd suggest just setting it up, doing some practice shots and shooting away~

We were using remote triggers on high speed bursts and just clicking away... to make sure we get the most amount of shots.

We had a small piece of tape with an "X" on it right under the glass so we'd get a good spot, but since the glass was picked up after each splash, we always had to refocus a little to make sure we had sharpness, so that was a pain in the ***!

We also had a couple of pretty girls who were pouring the water for us making splashes, but that's optional haha but it definitely made it more fun!

If I didn't cover something, just post a message and I'll try to answer it!
I don't write guides very often..but I'm going to get in the habit of it, so bear with me!

 Some photos from the fruit splashing shoot! (Sorry, no setup shots)

With the fruits, it was a little harder, and I'm sorry I didn't take set up shots there, completely forgot. Next time!
But, we used clamps to hold a block of wood, and then clamped a spoon on the piece of wood so it wouldn't move too much when we dropped a piece of fruit on it. The flash was placed to the right of the fruit/camera and that flash was lighting up the fruit splashing, and not the background, because otherwise the foreground would be dark and just the yellow/red would be lit. You can try a different lighting setup to see if it works for you!

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